Metals and pre-painted


The protective films for stainless steel and aluminium manufactured and sold by L3A prevent and reduce the risk of deterioration when processing metal surfaces.

In addition, our self-adhesive protective films are adaptable to surfaces of various finishes, even for laser cutting type work.

Thanks to the wide range of protective films dedicated to the protection of stainless steel and aluminium, L3A film guarantees protection of the various surfaces to which it is applied, in all environments and conditions.



The self-adhesive protective film produced by L3A protects and maintains the original condition of pre-painted surfaces, both glossy and matt.

The self-adhesive protective film for pre-painted surfaces, which L3A supplies, has a high protective effectiveness against scratches, dust and UV radiations.

By applying the film to pre-painted surfaces, friction between tools is reduced and production times are improved.

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